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Why listen to JakeSea?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Excellent question. You shouldn't... Well not just me at least. In my 7 years of being of full time sailor the only thing that seems to ring true is that everybody has their own method. Without a doubt there are common practices in the industry focused around vessel and passenger safety. However every vessel and situation is different. Which is why I found myself building this resource for Sailors.

Captain's Review isn't about me (even if my face is all over it). I started this website as a place for sailors and future sailors to learn, grow and share their opinions outside of the Rules of the Road Handbook. The goal of Captain's Review is to provide a place for enthusiasts and professionals alike to share honest feedback on boats, products, techniques and experiences associated with the water.

Join the forum, discuss with professionals and hobbyists, and hopefully enjoy the content I have to offer.

All of this is possible through the subscription service, it allows for unbiased articles (something that isn't common in most editorial content today). Majority of forum access is available to all for free. All JakeSea articles, boats and product reviews are all available with the "Crew" subscription. Any and all sponsored content will be labeled and available for free to everyone.


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